UK Challenge

10,000 individuals, 2500 teams, 500 companies, 3 days. The staff at Ambrose Recruitment are excited to be entering into the UK Challenge next month.  The UK challenge is the worlds leading team building event and this year is being held in Brecon Beacons from July 5th-July 8th. With the event fast approaching, the team have started their training to put them in top shape for the event.

The challenge involves a range of mental and physical tasks across the 3 days, so simply being fit, is not necessarily enough. Each stage across the event will test patience, strategy, leadership, intelligence, compassion but most of all teamwork. So the team may be required to solve a set of anagrams and riddles, or attempt to cross a lake with a canoe or conquer a mountain as a team.

UK challenge is an opportunity for Ambrose to work together, build as a team and communicate effectively. The event has been statistically proven to improve participants’ performance back in the workplace. The challenge aims to provide a cultivating companionship far beyond the office. But within the adventure-based event also lies a competition steeped in rivalry as teams compete for the highly coveted UK Challenge crown. 97% of the UK challenge participants significantly improve their teamwork as a result of taking part.

The challenges will not be revealed until the very first evening of the event. With very little disclosure of the challenges involved int the event, it is difficult to train. The UK Challenge recommend that everyone in the team should be about to run and cycle 10km on uneven terrain. It is suggested that 2 or 3 of the team members be strong swimmers and prepare to swim approximately 200m in cold, open-water. And all team mates must be prepared to take on the physically demanding challenge with potential sleep deprivation. Due to the nature of the event, there is more than fitness required. The team will need to be prepared for a lot of varied challenges throughout whilst constantly being under pressure. During the lead up to the event, the team will be provided with a comprehensive training guide, supplied by the event organisers, to assist with preparations.

The team consists of 6 competitors, representing Ambrose Recruitment and each individual has selected a charity to sponsor. This event is far from easy, and will test a number of factors for the group, but they are excited to see how the event may help them to build as a team and recognise the team members strengths and maximise the teams performance within the office. To see the team involved, take a look at our Meet the Team section and follow our Facebook Page for regular updates!