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Tips for finding engineers

Across all sectors, some of the lowest unemployment rates in the country are being experienced by engineers. In some industries, HR professionals are having difficulty filling their most critical positions. It’s necessary to look past the collection of resumes stored on the computer or in a drawer of a desk, in order to find the perfect candidate.

Finding a candidate

There are a number of ways to search for the ideal candidate, the simple option being to use the typical candidate search channels, to find any engineers with the right set of skills. But another way is to check industry organisations, or perhaps attend meetups and society meetings which engineers are likely to go to. It may also be a good idea to go through the industry chat boards and job boards, along with asking engineers within the company for any referrals and offering a finder’s fee.

Social media

Social media is a very good way to brand a company, and build up a following that could possible include potential employers, but only when used correctly. Twitter can be used to tweet out job openings, and including hashtags to make it easier for people to find, such as #EngineeringJobs or #Recruiting. Doing this gives the tweet the potential to reach both those who actively search for a position, and those passively keeping an eye out looking to take the next step in their career. LinkedIn is great for finding these active and passive candidates, as relevant discussion groups can be joined, and job notices can be posted. Links, blog posts, and other articles can also be posted to gain a wider following, and also help establish the authority your company has.

When evaluating a potential candidate for any important role, it may be wise to look at their LinkedIn or Twitter profiles. Taking note of what they discuss and post, who they follow, and even who follows them.

Using social media and blog posts

To use social media and blog posts to full advantage, blog posts should be used on the careers page to reach any potential new hires. These posts should establish the authority of the company, and speak positively about the culture and mission of the company.

Dedicated Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and blogging accounts should be used for recruiting. Using them to broadcast information regarding available jobs, the culture of the company, and engaging with potential candidates through all the social media channels.

Knowing the job and the company

Before bringing in any candidates, it would be a good idea to study the job description and requirements. Also understanding how the position relates to the company as a whole, and knowing how it affects the bottom line. A number of top candidates want to feel that the work they do is vital to the company and its success.

Make sure to communicate how the company’s culture serves the engineers’ needs, and promote cutting edge technology whilst outlining opportunities available within the position. Also any perks the company offers, which no other does, and personalising and highlighting details about the company that are in line with the candidate’s motivations.

Knowing the candidate

Get to know as much as possible about the candidate; in interviews, inquire about their career goals, and structure other questions that will help you understand the core motivations of the candidate. Engineers are problem solvers, you should appeal to this quality and emphasise the need for creative solutions within the company.

Using professional recruiters

Professional recruiters such as Ambrose Recruitment are great for finding candidates, as working with one can cut search time and save money. We specialise in recruitment, meaning we are able to widen the scope and find candidates quicker and easier. We also understand your industry and business models helping us to locate the best staff for your business.

If you are an employer looking for staff or a candidate for job opportunities then Ambrose Recruitment can help your business. We are a specialist Technical, Engineering and Supply Chain recruitment company, sourcing skilled personnel for a wide range of businesses throughout the UK.

We provide permanent, contract, project based and interim recruitment solutions for Engineering and Manufacturing companies, from graduate through to director level positions.

Our ethos is simple, we are passionate about recruiting in the ‘right way’ and providing a high quality service to clients and candidates that is personable, honest and enjoyable to all.