How to Find The Best Engineering Jobs

How To Find The Best Engineering Jobs

When it comes to finding a dream job, everyone has a plan to make the dream a reality. But even though a ‘dream job’ will look different to each person, there are plenty of things you can do to put yourself on track to find the best thing for you. Whether you’re a student, graduate or well-established in your career, here’s our advice on how to find the best engineering jobs.

Be clear about what you want…or don’t want

If you’re a graduate, it can be challenging knowing where to start looking for a role. To find the best graduate engineering jobs, consider what you like about the industry and what you want from a career in engineering. What’s your priority? Is it making a difference, working with a team or on cutting edge projects? Being clear about these things will help you narrow down your search and by consequence, direct you towards the best jobs for you and your specific goals.

On the other side of the fence, it also helps to know what you don’t want. This might be more applicable for someone more advanced in their career, but either way, job seekers need to think about what they absolutely couldn’t tolerate in a job.

Think long-term

The best opportunities could be found by thinking long-term. Because the industry is ever-evolving, what seems to be the status quo for a particular sector or product now, will probably seem like a distant memory in 15 years’ time.

It’s not possible to predict how the industry will pan out, but it is possible to look at how things have developed so far, what trends have become clear and to think about what industry needs might be in several years’ time. This will give you an idea of where engineers will be most needed, subsequently where opportunities are likely to arise and where the most exciting projects can be found. Do plenty of research and look at trends and developments in each sector. Even if you aren’t keeping up to date with industry developments for recruitment purposes, it’s wise to keep up to date with what the competition is doing.

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Build up your contacts

‘It’s not what you know, it’s who’. A phrase we’ve all heard at some stage in our careers and one we probably don’t pay enough attention to. As a rough number, traditional online applications make up around 80% of applicants across a whole host of industries, accounting for about 30% of hires. But compare that with the fact that personal recommendations account for only 6% of all applications, but as much as 50% of all hires. The numbers speak for themselves, so it definitely helps to have a strong network of professional contacts. Many great engineering jobs may not even be advertised, if the employer has sufficient talent to choose from in front of them, thanks to speculative applications or personal recommendations.

It can also be beneficial to join a professional organisation, as not only will it enable you to build up your contact list, but learn from or be mentored by more senior colleagues as well as staying up to date with professional developments. As we’ve already established, more often than not the best engineering jobs will also be found through this professional network.

Use a recruitment agency

On the subject of professional contacts, many organisations will choose to work with specialist recruitment agencies for all of their hiring needs. The agency will therefore have a good relationship with the company and an understanding of what its exact needs are, as well as knowing who will fit in to each sector and working environment. Apart from making life much easier for the company, the strong relationship means the company trusts the opinion of their recruiter. Great news for candidates being put forward for consideration.

So as a candidate, registering and working with a specialist engineering recruitment agency means you will not only have access to the best roles there is already the need for, but the agency can also present your details to companies even when that company is not actively recruiting. The ‘best’ engineering job is going to look different to each candidate, but a recruitment agency will take the time to learn what this means to you.

At Ambrose Recruitment we work with businesses as their long-term recruitment partner and specialise in finding the best technical roles for our candidates, in all engineering sectors. Get in touch to speak to one of our consultants about your next role in engineering.

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